July Newsletter

From suggestions on climbing a mountain to commune with nature and ancient gods to great ways to make new friends, boost your business and learn about hurling, not necessarily in that order.

Oh yes, and a bit about sex education. (The lengths we’ll go to so you’ll read this thing … totally shameless is what we are.)

And if you’re new to Hong Kong, either for work, study, looking for a job, or just with family, then this newsletter could be your gateway to finding the contacts you need to make settling in that much easier.

If you’ve got a question about Hong Kong, whether it’s finding a flat, dealing with bureaucracy, or just looking for a good restaurant, drop us a line. You’ll always find someone at the chamber who can point you in the right direction.

Right, enough of the banter. Let’s get on to the bit about hurling, pagan gods, business talk and sex education, all of which could be linked, but that way lies madness.

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