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app-form.jpgMembership Policy

The Irish Chamber welcomes membership from applicants of all nationalities and industries interested in promoting the objectives of the organisation. Membership is subject only to full and correct completion of the membership application form, agreement to and compliance with applicable terms and conditions of membership, and payment of the annual membership subscription.

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1. Individual Membership

  • Available to individuals only

  • One vote per ordinary member

  • Benefits (as per Membership Benefits section)

  • Annual subscription: HKD600, with concessionary rate of HKD300 available for the spouses or partners of existing (or newly-joining) members.

Please click here to read the full terms and conditions.


2. Individual Spouse Membership

  • Available to spouses of an existing financial member
  • One vote per member

  • Benefits (as per Membership Benefits section)

  • Annual subscription: HKD300

3. Young Professionals Membership

  • Available to individuals under the age of 30 years old

  • One vote per ordinary member

  • Benefits (as per Membership Benefits section)

  • Annual subscription at the concessionary rate of HKD300

4. Corporate Membership

  • Available to organisations of all sizes with operations in Hong Kong

  • Four representative memberships (each including all ordinary membership benefits and voting rights), in each case transferable within the organisation on notice to the Chamber

  • Benefits (as per Membership Benefits section)

  • Additional benefits:
    • Sponsorship opportunities
    • Separate listing on the website
    • Corporate membership transferable within corporate group
  • Annual subscription: HKD2500

5. Overseas Membership

  • Available to individuals and organisations not established or active in Hong Kong

  • One vote per member

  • Benefits (as per Membership Benefits section)

  • Annual subscription: HKD400.

Categories and Fees

There are four categories of membership open to new members -Ordinary Membership, Young Professional Membership, Corporate Membership and Overseas Membership.

Ordinary, Corporate, Young Professional and Overseas memberships are valid for one year from the date of application.

Membership can be terminated by giving one calendar month written notice by e-mail to the Membership Director at membership@irishchamber.hk . The Irish Chamber will not refund membership dues if membership is cancelled before full term.

In respect of any member, the Irish Chamber reserves the right to terminate membership, suspend any or all membership benefits, or deny any membership renewal, for members not in good standing as a result of misconduct, including, but not limited to, breach of the terms and conditions of membership, failure to make payment within a reasonable time sof any amount owing to the Chamber and failure to attend events after having registered.

Payment can be made by credit card through our online payment system, in the case of online application only, or by cheque or bank transfer for both kinds of application.

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